The JUBILEE project   consists mainly in two  large N-body simulations: 


  • Small Jubilee :  A 3.072 /h Gpc  cubic box with 30723 particle
  • Big Jubilee   A 6 /h Gpc  cubic box with 60003    particles

 Both simulations were done  with the CUBEP3M parallel N-body code  in  the Juropa Supercomputer at the  Jülich  Supercomputer Center (Germany). We used up to 8000 cores  to run them.

Simulation  Parameters

Cosmological Parameters:

ΩM= 0.27;  ΩΛ= 0.73; h=0.7; σ =0.8 ,  n=0.96,  Ωbaryon= 0.044

Force and Mass resolution

Gravitational smoothing = 50 /h kpc  comoving

Mass resolution = 7.49x10 10  /h  Msun

Starting Redshift = 100