Juropa Hubble Volume Simulation Project

216 billion particles in  a  6/h Gpc volume.


 The Jubilee project  consists of two of the largest N-body simulations done up to date.  Two volumes of 3072 Mpc and 6000 Mpc respectively with same mass and spatial resolution.

These simulations were intended to be  used primarily to compute an all-sky map of the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect (or ISW) but also to produce catalogs of luminous red galaxies (or LRG), radio and IR galaxies as well as all sky maps of the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (or SZ) and lensing effects.

Future data sets like Planck and surveys like BOSS, Pan-STARRS, DES, KIDS, BigBoss, J-PAS  or EUCLID will require coherent simulated data derived from very large N-body simulations that include the above effects and a catalog of simulated galaxies. A large volume is needed in order to properly simulate the largest scales of the ISW and also to study the impact of cosmic variance on future LSS surveys.

 The simulations were done in the Juropa supercomputer at the Jülich Supercomputer Center  in Germany using the CUBEP3M parallel N-body code.

The participating  members of the project are:

Stefan Gottlöber   

Ilian Iliev and William Watson

Gustavo Yepes    and  Alexander Knebe

Enrique Martínez González and J. M. Diego